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Panelized Wall Systems
An Alternate Approach to Framing

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Our Product

ABS Northwest Panelized Wall Systems are Structural Insulated Panels Comprised of NASCOR I-Columns, having an OSB Web, and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for Superior Insulating and Soundproofing. 

ABS Northwest Panelized Wall Systems is the Complete Framing and Insulating System for Your Building Structure.     


  • Engineered Wall Systems Designed for Fast and Easy Installs. Skilled Labor Not Required.  
  • Building Code Approved ICC/IRC, BOCA, and UBC 
  • Cost Effective  
  • Good for Your Business AND the Environment 
  • Non-Toxic – No Off Gassing –  No Chemicals  
  • Reduce Air Conditioning and Heating Capacity 
  • High Quality Assembled in a Factory Environment  
  • Reduced Thermal and Sound Bridge 
  • Resistant to Mold, Mildew, Moisture, Fire, and Insects 
  • Save on Construction Labor Costs Cleaner and Safer Job Sites 
  • Superior Strength and Insulative Properties Compared to Traditional ‘Stick Frame’ Construction 
  • Great Fit for Any Sized Project  Big or Small, New or Remodels 
  • Benefits Do Not Diminish Over Time  
  • Healthy and Safe   

Cost Savings

Let us take the opportunity to show you how, by using ABS’s Panelized Wall System, you can save time and money, and increase energy efficiency and soundproofing on your project. 

Example: 1,600 sq ft new 2-story home  Exterior walls for the main floor installed in 3 ½ hours.    

  • Difference in material cost: $1,300  (e.g., raw lumber and R19 batting insulation versus NASCOR I-columns and EPS rigid insulation ASSEMBLED wall system) 
  • Estimated Labor Savings: $2,400  
  • Overall Project Savings: $900  

Ask About Installation Options,  Green Building Consulting Services and Renewable Energy Alternatives     


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